Our Patisserie

With 2/3 of our indoor capacity dedicated to kitchen space, enables the Brasserie to have its own in-house Patisserie. Our cakes and desserts are baked and prepared fresh on the premises.

It is here where our dedicated team transforms whole butter, cream, fresh fruits, and imported French chocolate into varied desserts using traditional & contemporary techniques.

Traditional techniques are applied in our café menu. The Splitska riva, famously known as a buzzing yet relaxing coffee strip, made it impossible for us not to focus on cakes. What better way to accompany your perfect coffee than a homemade cake made with passion and real ingredients.

Contemporary techniques can be easily recognised in our restaurant menu. Our Pastry Chef combines French and Croatian sweet classics and presents them so elegantly into 21st Century interpretations. You will see how our team turns the famous Bajadera or Rozada into contemporary culinary artworks.

Through dedication, rich flavour combinations and always fresh ingredients, we create an extraordinary array of delights made from scratch that have been individually created for you, whether it be with a cup of coffee or a 4-course degustation dinner.

Restaurant desserts in pdf

Cafe menu in pdf

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